Pi Day Winners !!

Congratulations to our Grade 7 “Pi Day” Winners. Each Math class had a mini-competition to recite as many digits of PI as possible in celebration of International PI Day (March 14th – 3.14, clearly!)

Winners include:

7A – Sarah McQueen, Jada Whittle

7B – Tyler Sampson, Lizzy Morey, Claire Lockyer

7C – Fiona Parks, Kennedy Quigley

7D – Hannah Elliot, Teanna King

7E – Taylor Browne, Victoria Tapper

7F – Alex Simmonds, Nathan Ellard

7G – Patrick McGrath, Nicholas MacLean

Special Shout-out to Sarah McQueen as the Pi Memorization Winner with 131 DIGITS !!

Posing down by the Pi Day winners