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Role Name Email TwitterID
Principal Don Emberley @JuniperRidgeNL
Vice Principal Annette Dunn
Guidance Counselor Niki Christian
Teacher Tami Brett
Teacher Robert Berkshire
Teacher Deanne Keating
Teacher Zak Chaulk
Teacher Sherry StPierre
Teacher Carla Drake
Teacher Paula Roberts
Teacher Renata Power
Teacher Renee Chippett
Teacher Carolee Barnes
Teacher Janelle Maloney
Teacher Scott Kiss
Teacher Kimberley Hawco
Teacher Paula Osborne
Teacher Kerri Mercer
Teacher Tiffany Hawco
Teacher Claire Guest
Teacher Krista Singleton
Teacher Katie Blagdon
Teacher Andrea Rosa-Bian
Teacher Dale Johnson
Teacher Vanessa Trask-Nichols
Teacher Amy Keough
Teacher Amanda Earle
Teacher Megan Hibbs
Teacher Christy Dalton
Teacher Deanne Coady
Teacher Amy Fleming
Teacher Stephanie Kirby
Teacher John Daw
Teacher Ashley Keating
Teacher Brenda Crummey
Support Staff Donna Smith
Support Staff Shantel Lynch
Support Staff Pinnacle Networks
Support Staff Tech Support